By Keith Marcum
Marketing Manager | IMPACT of
Southern Arizona

This time of year there are many of us nonprofits vying for your attention because honestly, we are all seeking donations to help fund and sustain our programs and services.

In Pima and Pinal county alone there were 2,988 registered nonprofits last year, many of which are asking for your hard-earned dollars between now and the end of December. In other words, there are a lot of great organizations helping others and enriching our Southern Arizona community out there. Often times during this mad dash to get your attention, the reason for giving gets lost in the flood of hi-gloss mailers, crafted television tag lines, and online ads on every website you peruse. It’s not because people don’t want to give, it’s mainly a case of sensory overload.

IMPACT of Southern Arizona provides programs that focus on helping individuals and families become or remain self-sufficient. Sometimes when I am out in the community and I say that to a person, I can tell their mind starts to drift elsewhere. They’ve heard it before or something similar from other charitable organizations.

I get that. We’re human and if you feel like you’ve heard the same thing over and over, you tune out a little faster. However, if you’ve read this far then I ask you to stay with me just a little longer. Let’s dig a bit deeper into what IMPACT means when we say “become or remaining self-sufficient.”
IMPACT clients come from a variety of backgrounds. Some are retirees, who for health related reasons or age, need a little extra support.
Joel H. Stonecipher or “Stoney” as his friends know him has been an IMPACT donor and volunteer for many years. Stoney has a twinkle in his eye and relaxed demeanor. The kind of man well-versed on many subjects I suspect. On a nice, albeit warm fall afternoon, I chatted with Stoney after his volunteer shift had ended.

Stoney shared, “One client told me that he and his wife both had some major health problems and he said I just never thought we’d retire and end up like this. That’s why we are so appreciative of IMPACT.”

Many of us are only a major medical expense, job loss, or unexpected health issue away from tough times. I truly hope you never have to go through a “rough patch” but if you do and you live in Southeastern Pinal county or Northwestern Pima county, we are here to help.  IMPACT services clients daily and reinvests, on average, $2.5 million back into our service area through the many programs we provide each year.
Melody and her family are IMPACT clients. I recently caught up with her outside of our food bank in Catalina. Her husband owns his own handyman business.
“My husband is self-employed and there are a lot of months where we don’t need the help but the months we’re short, getting food and clothing from IMPACT really helps us remain self-sufficient.”

IMPACT can’t do it alone though. We get funding from the Golden Goose Thrift Shop and grants but we still need to raise $200,000 from the public to sustain our critical programs such as our food bank, clothing bank, youth services, senior services, community education, resources and referrals, to name a few. Every dollar you give goes to fund our critical community programs.

 “We provide our programs and services to help stretch household budgets, so clients can use their extra earned income toward their major bills like rent, utilities, and gas money,” says Barbara McClure, IMPACT’s Executive Director.

That is why your donations are so critical. They go directly to fund programs which help clients, some of them homeless but most are or have been employed in the past twelve months. A little goes a long way and a lot, well that goes even further, which brings me to my next point.
Did you know tax credits in Arizona doubled last year? That means you can now designate up to $400 ($800 married) to go to a qualified charitable tax credit organization of your choice, of which IMPACT is one. Simply stated, if five hundred people designate their $400 tax credits to IMPACT, we will reach our fundraising goal.

It’s easy to become one of the five hundred who positively impact and make a real difference in the lives of other hard working people who might need some extra food, clothing, school backpacks for their children, or a ride to medical appointment, if they are unable to drive themselves do to age or injury. These are your neighbors and your generosity helps them via our programs, stretch their monthly budgets.  
We appreciate every dollar, every can of food, and every volunteer hour you share with us.

Leave it to Stoney to sum it better than any tagline I could craft as to why your donations are crucial. “I donate to IMPACT because they help people get back on their feet. I volunteer with IMPACT because I like seeing people make recoveries.”

In addition to our normal daily programs, IMPACT will be having our annual Thanksgiving Kit Giveaway for existing clients on November 20th.  Three hundred food kits with everything needed for a traditional holiday dinner will go to qualified IMPACT households who picked up a ticket for this event last month. We are also opening a Respite Adult Daycare in Catalina this November and purchasing glasses for low-income children in the Copper Corridor.
Please consider being a difference maker this giving season. You can easily donate online at or drop off or mail us a check. For those into online bill paying, did you know you can set up a reoccurring monthly donation to IMPACT? Call us at 520-825-0009 and stop by 3535 E. Hawser Street in Catalina to take a tour so you can see your donations at work. Please make donation checks out to IMPACT of Southern Arizona and thank you in advance for making an impact in our local Southern Arizona community!

Providing a single working mother a pathway toward self-sufficiency or your homebound elderly neighbor a freshly made hot meal three days a week wouldn’t be possible without your generous donations.

We hope you choose IMPACT to donate to this giving season.

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